Common history in Bash

For common history in bash i found the following bash setup here:



history() {
  builtin history "$@"

_bash_history_sync() {
  builtin history -a         #1
  builtin history -c         #3
  builtin history -r         #4


Bash script to open GITK with local and remote branch

EDIT(2015-12-03): Updated the script with the current version i use.. think I should put this on github instead :)

So, gitk is a nice tool to utilize when you want to get a nice graphical view of your git repository or when you wonder 'where the heck am I in my commit graph'.

As arguments to 'gitk' you can specify the branches you want 'gitk' to show or use the default which is 'HEAD'. You can also specify '--all' which shows you all your branches, which can be a bit much.